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Trust Wright Maintenance to get things right

Just like any piece of equipment, a boiler won’t run fault-free forever. Regardless of the type of heating system you may have, Wright Maintenance will get any problem fixed first time.

Our highly skilled central heating engineers are trained to keep your heating, hot water and ventilation system running the way they were designed to do.

Whether it’s about responding to an emergency, or servicing or repairing any of your domestic systems, we pride ourselves in providing the best maintenance service in South East London.

Friendly, affordable and committed to your care, we will help from the moment we receive your call, whether it’s simply getting to the root of a problem or advising you what you should do straightaway.

Our expertise in all aspects of home services maintenance comes from being part of J S Wright, one of the UK’s leading mechanical and electrical building services specialists.

There’s nothing quite like the reassurance of knowing there’s an expert on hand to deal with any issue, so we recommend signing up to a Wright Maintenance Service Plan.

For just £180 plus VAT, a single item essential to your daily living like your boiler, heat interface unit, underfloor heating, or extract ventilation will be fully protected against faults. For £249 we will safeguard all your equipment. You can’t beat that.

Above all, a Wright Maintenance service plan will ensure that a small issue doesn’t develop into a major problem in the future that could cost you a fortune to have fixed or replaced.

We can be reached 24 hours a day and operate across all South East postcode districts from Lewisham and Greenwich to Bexley and Croydon and all places in between.

Call us on 02039 282 800 to discuss a plan or to book a service or repair to your heating, water or ventilation equipment.

London Office, Wright Maintenance Limited, 1 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BW.

Birmingham Office, Wright Maintenance Limited, The Atlas Building 16 Portland Street Aston, Birmingham B6 5RX.


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