At the heart of every home is the boiler, which helps keep water hot and houses warm. It’s often taken for granted unless it stops working. The good news is that breakdowns can be predictable to an extent.

When you know what to look out for, you can arrange for a boiler service to prevent a small issue from turning into a big one. This will keep boiler costs to a minimum and ensure that your boiler will work efficiently for years to come. Here are some signs that your boiler may need to be checked by a heating engineer.

Foul smell

This could be a smell of gas which has its own implications and should be advised to call the national grid, not us. If you smell any strange odours emanating from your boiler, call a professional right away. The metallic smell may be an indication that carbon monoxide is leaking from your heating system. Getting exposed to an excessive amount of carbon monoxide is dangerous as it can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness or even death. Carbon monoxide is odourless and you cannot smell it, again calling us is the wrong advice. Advice should be to turn off the appliance ventilate the whole house and then call us. Carbon monoxide is a tricky subject which I think we should be going down the line of checking your carbon monoxide alarm or do you even have one? Gas regs state that you do not need to have an alarm fitted but we should advise the customer to have one fitted.

Strange noises

Due to the system’s motor and pump, boilers tend to create some noise. However, if you hear loud, unusual noises from your boiler, this may be a sign that something’s wrong. If you hear popping sounds, iron or sediment may have accumulated in the water tank. Meanwhile, buzzing or whining sounds may be caused by a broken pump, heat exchanger, faulty fan or blocked system.

Leaking water

Water leaks can cause rust or corrosion. This can wreak havoc not just on your boiler but to your property as well. Your boiler may be leaking because of a broken or malfunctioning internal part. If you see any moisture or pooling water around your boiler, you must act quickly to prevent any further damage.

Slow water heating

If you have turned on your hot water tap central heating but it takes a while before the water heats up, there may be a circulation problem. Having your boiler regularly inspected by a heating engineer will help to assure maximum performance. This crosses over from heating to hot water.

Rising energy bills

Any unexpected increase in your energy bills can be the result of an old and inefficient boiler or Heat interface unit. If your system is only working at a minimum level, it could be costing you an unnecessary significant amount of money. You must be alert to any malfunctions. Call the experts if you suspect a fault or unusually high bills.

Wright Maintenance is a team of highly-trained and experienced heating engineers that can diagnose and repair your heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We ensure that your system will operate efficiently, with the risk of breakdown kept to a minimum. To report an emergency, arrange a visit for a breakdown or book a service, just give us a call on 02039 282 800 or 0121 322 4003.