Hot and Cold Water

When you wake up in the morning and have a bath or take a shower you count on a fully functioning hot water supply. You don’t want to face a hot or cold-water breakdown.

To keep your hot and cold water in running order you should schedule regular servicing with the central heating service and repair professionals.

Wright Maintenance’s highly skilled engineers operate across London, ensuring your hot and cold-water equipment runs as efficiently as possible and doesn’t waste energy. In the long run we will save you money on your bills.

If you are losing heat or not getting enough hot or cold water coming through your taps, then Wright Maintenance is here to help. There is nothing worse in the kitchen or bathroom than a break in your supply of hot or cold water. Depending on whether you live in a house or flat, it could be that your heat interface unit (HIU) isn’t working properly. If you’re in an apartment, your HIU is like a mini-boiler that delivers hot water as well as heating from your central energy centre, usually down in the basement.

If you’re a householder, you’re likely to have a hot water storage cylinder or something similar called a thermal store. It stores all your hot water at a constant temperature and provides hot water to your taps on demand. If anything goes wrong, Wright Maintenance will check its operation and carry out any repairs.

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